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Lobbying and nonpartisan voter engagement are not only legal for charitable nonprofits, they are essential if you want to achieve significant change.

—Center for Lobbying in the Public Interest

What Can Nonprofits Legally Do
Nonprofits CAN lobby! However, a 501(c)(3) may not engage in “substantial lobbying”. Visit What You Can Legally Do to learn what that means for you in your unique situation.

For more information, visit Guidelines for Advocacy, an online resource from the National Council of State Directors of Adult Education (NCSDAE) that provides information for public employees and nonprofits on what they can and cannot do.

Professional Development

Alliance for Justice Workshops and Events
The Alliance for Justice offers both online and face-to-face workshops on advocacy and lobbying for nonprofits.

Use the NCL Advocacy Clearinghouse and Toolkit to answer your questions about adult literacy advocacy. Use this Tip Sheet or Self-Assessment to guide you.

Visit the Professional Development section of the NCL Advocacy Clearinghouse and Toolkit for other professional learning opportunities on advocacy

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