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Facts and Statistics

2009 Health Literacy Fact Sheet (pdf)
Provides current facts on health and adult literacy issues; includes what you can do to improve health literacy in the United States.

2009 Adult Literacy Fact Sheet (pdf)
Provides a quick overview of adult literacy, literacy rates, and why adult literacy is important.

For information on the new National Assessment of Adult Literacy 2002, visit

Other Resources

Other Databases
  • National Adult Literacy Database (NALD) The National Adult Literacy Database Inc. (NALD) is a federally incorporated, non-profit service organization which serves as a single-source, comprehensive, up-to-date and easily accessible database of adult literacy programs, resources, services and activities across Canada.
  • Asian-Pacific Literacy Database This database is jointly developed by the Asia/Pacific Cultural centre for UNESCO (ACCU) and UNESCO Bangkok - Asia and Pacific Bureau for Education in co-operation with government and non-government literacy agencies in the region. The Asia/Pacific Cultural Centre for UNESCO (ACCU) is a non-profit organization working for mutual understanding and cultural cooperation in Asia and the Pacific in the fields of culture, book development and literacy promotion.