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The Role of the National Coalition for Literacy

The public policy and advocacy role of the National Coalition for Literacy is to:

  1. Become the collective voice.

The Coalition is an association of national organization and individuals concerned about adult education and literacy and how it impacts our nation in areas like jobs and the economy, immigration and integration, health, children’s education, and the working poor. We strive to reach consensus.

  1. Advance public policy and advocacy issues by:
    1. Serving as a resource to Members of Congress and their staff, providing timely information and resources on adult education and literacy and references to Coalition member organizations that have additional expertise.
    1. Mobilizing grassroots action through action alerts, disseminated as needed, to impact public policies where we have consensus on positions. Coalition Members often adapt the alerts and share it with their constituents. Coalition Members also send out alerts unique to their legislative priorities.
  1. Raise awareness of adult education and literacy by the general public.

Anyone can use our website resources to inform Congress or their state and local representatives about how adult education and literacy impacts national and local priorities.

  1. Work with special interest groups that have a stake in adult education and literacy.

The Coalition collaborates with welfare associations, businesses and labor groups, health professionals, family educators, technology experts, and others who have a stake in improving our nation’s adult literacy rates.

  1. Examine administration proposals and work with the U.S. Department of Education Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE) on their efforts to involve the full range of agencies that have a stake in raising the adult literacy level.
  1. Examine and comment upon proposed regulations for the implementation of newly enacted legislation.
  1. Promote the accomplishments and work of NCL members in our monthly NCL Update.

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